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nlp training

John Will Mesmerize And Captivate Your Audience! 

He makes the best guest because he makes YOU and YOUR audience the star of the every show!

  • Professional Speaker, Easy To Work With

  • Expert In Communication Skills, NLP & Sales

  • 25 years Experience Working With Top Organizations

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As a professional speaker, John has spoke to millions of guests all over the world, he will bring decades of knowledge and entertainment to your event and all your guests!

  • Please contact John directly by phone or email:

    (818) 879-2000 / [email protected] 

    Why Choose John James Santangelo PhD

    Consumit Professional

    John knows his craft! Working with so many companies, small businesses and agencies.. he knows what works AND just important... what doesn't!

    Expert In His Field

    With over two decades of studying and becoming a PhD and master in the NLP, Transformation and Communication Skills!

    Massive Energy

    You won't believe his passion and energy he brings to every speech and workshop! Your audience will be talking about John for months to come!

    John's Featured Interviews

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    John's Introduction

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    John's Biography

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    John's Podcast & Speech Topics

    Control Your Emotions,

    Master Your Life

    ​The ability to master our emotions is critical in making the proper decisions that shape our lives in relationships, finances and especially in our careers! The most successful employees and business owners are the ones who know how to influence and persuade themselves as well as others!

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    Skills Mastery

    The study of human excellence and how the brain operates to produce exceptional results. It's the fundamental characteristics of high-achievers, the successful attitudes and empowering beliefs, to affect the way we think, learn and communicate daily, to make life extraordinary!

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    NLP Five-Step 

    Sales Process

    Sales success is the ability to influence your client’s decisions to buy, comprehend their wants, needs, and desires, match those to the value of your product/service, you’ll realize every purchase is based upon an emotional decision. Becoming a master of influence is essential to help them decide.

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    John's Photo Gallery

    Trusted By 1000+ Podcasters

    Here are just a few of the amazing companies and individuals John has worked with!


    US Army Intelligence

    “Your unique and unparalleled efforts to customize Neuro Linguistic Programming training for military applications has significantly contributed to the overall high state of readiness of US Army Special Operations Command’s Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence elements. Your specialized training reflects a great credit upon your organization.”


    Podcaster - PersonalLifeMedia

    “John Santangelo is my personal “Goal Guru.” I’ve learned so much from him not only about how to visualize what I really want, but how to MAKE IT HAPPEN! John’s “Speak Up with Power: system is an amazing program for realizing your dreams. Mine are already coming true!”


    Sales Director - WellPoint 

    “John, in my career I’ve had the opportunity to hire hundreds of professional trainers and seminar leaders and I can say unequivocally that you rank with the best of the best! Your background in clinical psychology and your depth of understanding of human behavior, together with your passion and enthusiasm to inspire change sets you apart. You got rave reviews from our sales teams and they are already asking me when you will be back! Thanks for making our sales meeting a special event.”

    About John...

    John James Santangelo PhD a nationally acclaimed speaker, NLP trainer, author and results coach has been a guiding force in empowering individuals and businesses to excel at their peak performance. He is a foremost authority in success principles and expert in the field of communication, a behavioral specialist and as a Ph.D. clinical hypnotherapist.

    John has the knowledge, experience and expertise working with companies such as Learning Annex, CSUN University, Mary Kay, RE/MAX Realtors, Well Point, Multiple-Sclerosis Society, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Xerox, the L.A. Sheriff's Dept., the Teamsters Union, AND months after 9/11, teaching lie-detection skills to the US Army counter-intelligence team.,